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Units for Rent and Information

Rental Policies and Procedures

All prospective tenants must contact the management office or click on the following link for the Tenant Evaluation pamplet. /Docs/12/5752/Documents/tenant application pamphlet.pdf This is an online rental application for processing and association consideration. The fee for this required service is $100.00 per person or $100.00 per married couple. Once approved the tenant MUST schedule an orientation with the Property Manager will discuss the rules and regulations and moving procedures. Online, the prospective tenants will automatically be required to fill out the below forms.


Confidential Resident Information Sheet

Vehicle Registration

Pet Registration

Acknowledgement of Rules and Regulations

EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 1, 2011: All moves must be scheduled in advance with the Property Manager. A $50.00 moving fee is required prior to move in. Funds must be submitted in the form of a money order or check payable to The Metropolitan at Lake Eola Condominium Association, Inc.

A $500.00 deposit check payable to The Metropolitan at Lake Eola is required prior to move in. The deposit will be held in the condominium association’s non-interest bearing escrow account. Funds must be paid by Unit Owner and will be mailed to Unit Owner upon tenant’s move out.


Moving In and Moving Out:

  • The Property Manager must be notified in advance of all moves. A maximum of 2 moves are allowed in one day as long as the time frames are staggered.
  • Move in and out times are 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Monday thru Saturday. No moves on Sunday.
  • No persons are permitted to prop the pedestrian door or garage door open. All movers must have sufficient access control devices from the tenant or a temporary one    will be provided by management upon tenants’ request.
  • No moves can occur in the North Elevator. No Exceptions.
  • All persons’ are prohibited from moving furniture and all other bulky items through the lobby.
  • If the moving truck needs to park in the loading zone on Rosalind, you may contact the city and apply for a moving permit by calling 407.246.2271
  • For additional questions of concerns, you may reach the management office at 407-849-0246 or by e-mailing Property Manager at



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