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Hurricane Procedures



Hurricanes pose particular dangers to coastal areas, especially near the Gulf of Mexico and the Eastern Seaboard.  Inland regions near these areas are also at risk, though generally, to a lesser degree.  Because a hurricane’s path is usually tracked for days, there is normally time for preparation and preventative measures.  These measures can limit both personal and property losses.

The following guidelines have been prepared to assist you in professionally managing for this type of disaster.  The focus is on the items that will help to insure that we perform our fiduciary responsibilities to both our owners and residents.  These guidelines are in no way all-inclusive and must be used in conjunction with common sense and sound property management principles.


Our objectives when faced with any type of disaster should be as follows:

1. Protect human life.
2. Minimize property loss.
3. Assist where needed.
4. Act in a proactive manner – think one step ahead.
5. Be responsive to residents’ needs.
6. Expedite clean-up measures.
7. Work closely with the insurance adjusters.

These goals will enable you to stay focused on the job at hand.  They will also give your team direction during this very stressful time.

Download the complete Hurricane Procedures PDF file here:

Hurricane Procedures

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